25 Apr 2009

Lets just be friends.. or else?

Era provavelmente o momento único da noite. Aquele que já se vinha a adivinhar desde sábado. Li as tácticas de ultrapassar este "percalço". A adrenalina ao máximo, a confiança a fraquejar, o timming que não aparecia, os IOIs pouco evidentes.. hmmmmmmmm.. Kiss-close agora? de caminho? mais tarde? Vais ser é já agora mesmo!!!

Felizmente foi "or else"! :)

1 comment:

  1. Something interesting but yet annoying is that many portuguese women will easyly befriend you, women here seem to have other things to keep themselves busy more then dealing with relationships thier main focus seems more on study family and career i have noticed that women here have more non sexual male friends then in other places like the uk for example, also marriage seems very big over here i noticed how the older generation is always pushing for marriege very quickly i guess girls here could be quickly labeled as bad if she goes out with a different guy which doesnt seem to leave much room for fun i guess